About Sarah Kobak

In 2004, I graduated from ROC Zadkine in Schoonhoven and was awarded my goldsmith diploma. Subsequently, I left for the UK to do a BA in Jewellery Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester. After returning to the Netherlands, I started my own business in a small art studio at the Parkstraat in Zaandam. Now I have not one but two beautiful locations in Zaandijk.

In 2017, I started my own Learning Centre called Sier & Raad. It started out as a combined boutique and learning centre. It was extensively renovated a number of times, and now I can effectively teach my students and pupils. It has now also become a space in which I can work pleasantly and am able to receive and entertain customers. And then, at the end of 2017, I was given the opportunity to also rent the retail premises at Lagedijk 146-C. These retail premises are part of Het Kreatief Pakhuis and are situated only a stone’s throw from the Learning Centre.

I am proud to say that the former studio in het Kreatief Pakhuis has in the meantime been fully furnished for Sier & Raad, the Learning Centre for goldsmiths. Furthermore, I am very proud to have my own boutique with my precious workbench and collection of jewellery at Lagedijk 146-C in Zaandijk as of March 2019.

I started the Learning Centre because I wanted other people to see and experience what an amazing trade goldsmithing actually is. Furthermore, I am convinced that sharing knowledge is an incredibly important part of being a goldsmith!! This is why I give masterclasses for fellow goldsmiths.

As of March 2019, I have my own boutique so I can properly show you my collection of jewellery. The boutique is a place where I can welcome you in all peace and quiet, where we can discuss and make designs, where you can browse, try on, experience and buy jewellery. And where you can ask all the questions that you may have about the collection and my way of working. The boutique is a place where you as a customer can enjoy the unique and hand-crafted jewellery that is on display in a relaxed atmosphere.

Jewellery often symbolises an emotion, a specific memory, or a special moment in your life. Buying a unique piece of jewellery or having a personal piece of jewellery made to order is an experience in itself. I am very pleased to help you make your choice, and hope that the extraordinary experience of buying a beautiful piece of jewellery will become a beautiful memory for you.

The coffee is ready, and for precious moments I have a bottle of wine ready in the cooler. You are very welcome at Lagedijk 146-C in Zaandijk.