Collectibles by Kobak 2.0


The ‘Collectibles by Kobak’ collection consists of various rings made with high-quality gemstones and pearls. They are absolute eye-catchers and each one is absolutely unique.

As a designer and maker of jewelry it is sometimes necessary to ‘jump off the wagon’ and create something that stands out. It is important to push one’s skills as a maker to another level and attract people’s attention. As a maker it means thinking outside the box and ‘just’ do and create. They may not be the jewelry that you will wear on a daily basis, but they are jewelery that will draw attention when you do wear them!

Each piece from the ‘Collectibles by Kobak’ has been created with a lot of love and passion. Many hours have been spent figuring out the perfect combination of gemstones, pearls and materials. The creation process is a procedure that has taken several weeks and sometimes even several months. They are pieces of jewelry made from the heart, and each piece of jewelry has a special meaning for me as their maker.

This Second edition of the Collectibles series has in the meantime been sold, but I have decided to show them in this online collection to show you the possibilities.

The gemstones are a special oval cut bicoloured tourmaline, a corundum gemstone and a beautiful pink freshwater pearl. The ring is made of 14ct yellow gold and has been decorated with granules and a beautifully decorated bezel.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

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