Embla 3.0 – gold with spinel


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According to Norse mythology, Ask and Embla were the first two people. They were cut from wood by the gods Odin, Vili and Vé. These two cratures are supposed to be the source of all life on earth, respectively, the parents of the human race. Embla was the female creature and represented, amongst other things, vitality and fertility.

After reading the story of Elk and Embla, I decided to dedicate a series of rings to Embla. For these rings were created in a period that for myself personally was not without some challenges.

This series of rings is a tribute to women. We are powerful, steady, graceful and seductive. The rings can be obtained in a number of different widths, and each Embla ring is fitted with a beautiful gemstone. The Embla rings come both in gold and in silver. If you have any questions about this new series, do not hesitate to contact me.

The basis is a solid silver or gold ring, decorated with a sparkling gemstone. Each Embla is fitted with yellow gold granules and is completely handmade.

The ring you see on display here is a 14ct yellow gold ring with a magnificent spinel gemstone. Spinel is a gemstone with a high hardness, which makes it very suitable to wear every day.

  • 14ct yellow gold
  • Spinel gemstone
Spinel size:
  • 0.38ct (4.5mm)
Ring sizes:
  • 3mm wide
  • 2mm thick
Ring size:
  • 17.75