The boutique

As of 3 March 2019, I am the proud owner of my own boutique. The boutique is located along the beautiful Lagedijk in Zaandijk. You are most welcome to visit the boutique at the Lagedijk 146-C to enjoy beautiful and unique jewellery. Do drop by to browse, to try on, and to experience all the jewellery that is available, but also to ask any question that you may have. I want you to savour the unique and handmade jewellery that is available in the boutique in a relaxed setting.

In my boutique you will not only find jewellery from my own collection but also jewellery made by the following fellow goldsmiths:

Aletta Teunen
Natalie Hoogeveen
Annemie Stuurman
Do Collection by Rolisa Sweegers
Nicoline van Boven

As of Thursday 29 August 2019 you can also buy the beautiful jewellery of Nicoline van Boven in the boutique in Zaandijk.

Besides ready-made jewellery you are most welcome for the following:

  • Having designed and made a personal piece of jewellery in the style of Sarah Kobak. – Maybe you were inspired by a piece of jewellery that you have seen in my webshop, or by a piece of jewellery with a precious stone that just was not your favourite colour? I would be delighted to help you design a personal and tailor-made piece of jewellery, and make it for you.
  • Altering existing jewellery – This may, for instance, include jewellery obtained in an inheritance or jewellery from someone that you hold dear. For these kinds of assignments, I prefer to make a personal appointment, which allows us to discuss all the details without being disturbed. After this meeting I will send you a quotation, so that you know exactly where you stand.
  • Repairs
  • Wedding rings – wedding rings are designed and made to order. This is why I do not have a permanent collection of wedding rings on show in the boutique. Would you like to have personal wedding rings made? Please contact me to make an appointment for an exploratory talk to discuss your wishes. After this talk, I will send you a suitable offer so that you know exactly what your custom-made wedding rings will cost.

The boutique’s opening hours are as follows:

  • Thursday from 13:00 until 17:00 hours
  • Friday from 10:00 until 17:00 hours
  • Saturday from 11:00 until 17:00 hours

I look forward to welcoming you in the boutique. Tea and coffee is ready, and for special occasions I keep a bottle of wine in the cooler.