Custom-made jewellery

Emotion, I think that that is actually the first thing that comes to mind when I think about making jewellery. Let me explain why it makes me think of emotions.

I have made jewellery and also have had my own studio since 2007. A quick calculation tells us that this is some odd 13 years… In our trade, we often tell each other that it takes at least 10,000 working hours for a goldsmith to have somewhat of a grasp of goldsmithing. In the meantime, I have reached this amount of working hours, and the accompanying experiences and lessons learned to boot. Being an entrepreneur and running one’s own studio is a process of with falling over and getting back up, and this is where the first emotions pop up. For when I started making jewellery I absolutely had no clue about what my style was or was going to be. As a goldsmith, one naturally wants to distinguish oneself, and having a so-called ‘trademark’ is very nice.

My globules.

This trademark of mine actually really surfaced around 2009. After I had visited an exhibition about Greek jewellery where I wandered around and looked eagerly at all this wonderful jewellery, and where my attention was especially drawn to the jewellery that had little gold globules on them. I started to read about the technique and realised that those Greeks did something back then that was actually really special. Conclusion: I wanted to be able to do this.

Inspired and with great enthusiasm I threw myself into working with the technique of granulating. After a lot of the familiar falling down and getting up again, these globules have now become a very significant aspect of my jewellery, and it is safe to say that the granules are the trademark of my work. And this period, too, did not pass without entirely without strong emotions. When looking at pictures of the jewellery I made in this period, I can see the curiosity I had for the technique as well the different stages of trying, experimenting, and eventually finding my own style of creating and applying granules.

Custom jewellery

With custom I do not mean literally making your piece of jewellery to the right size, but making a piece of jewellery according to your wishes. For every client who comes to my studio is different. While one client may want to have a piece of jewellery that he or she can wear on a daily basis, another client may just be looking for a piece of jewellery that boasts a lot of gemstones and granules. So, everybody is different and no one assignment is like another. The jewellery I make are all unique items. And yes, of course I have this recognisable style, but just because of the use of granules and the gemstones each piece of jewellery turns out different each time. So when you come to me to have a piece of jewellery made, you are not having made just any piece of jewellery, but you have a piece of jewellery made according to your wishes, custom-made for you.

During our exploratory conversations I will discuss your specific wishes and requirements with you. Would you like to have a silver piece, or is gold more suitable, or white gold, or another kind of precious metal? Moreover, you can take your pick from my extensive collection of gemstones, or I can have gemstones be brought in for viewing purposes and have you pick the one(s) you like from those. The possibilities are almost endless. Do you prefer a smooth ring, or do you rather prefer a clean and modern style? And does the width of the ring go well with your hand? How thick should the ring ben and what shape should it have?

These are all examples of questions that we will sit down for and take our time to discuss. Let yourself be inspired by my current collection of jewellery, or by a piece of jewellery that you may have seen before but that has been sold in the meantime. Inspiration is triggered by a lot of things, and I try to do my best to make the piece of jewellery completely according to your wishes .

The jewellery that you already possess

An especially wonderful part of my trade for me is to be able to reuse existing pieces of jewellery. In the past years I have had the honour of hearing stories of clients that came to me with pieces of jewellery that had belonged to departed, but very dear people. Very often these included wedding bands from their (grand) parents, but also boxes containing jewellery that had been passed down to the next generation. People would often say that these pieces of jewellery did not fit them properly because the size was wrong or because the style did not suit them. What it boiled down to in most cases was that what made these pieces of jewellery so precious were the memories attached to them. These memories are of course irreplaceable and have very valuable emotions attached to them.

The moment someone asks me if I can take such a precious piece of jewellery and use it to create a new piece of jewellery, is and always will be very special. And I will tell you honestly, I haven’t always been able to keep from shedding a tear or two myself when hearing the stories behind certain pieces of jewellery.

Emotions are absolutely one of the first things that come to mind when I think of the goldsmithing trade.

Would you like to have a piece of jewellery made, or do you have a special moment the memory of which you would like to capture in a tangible piece of jewellery? Or would you like to give the jewellery that you now have lying around in a drawer or closet a second life, and wear them yourself? Do you want to celebrate, remember, cherish, dream, enjoy?

The first appointment is purely to get acquainted and explore. Subsequently, we will find out how we can translate your wishes into a unique and custom-made piece of jewellery.

In order to make an appointment, please use the contact form to contact me of directly make an appointment in the online agenda.